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Viridian Air Systems - Compressor Servicing
Viridian Systems Ltd. Unit 39 Wirral Business Centre Dock Road, Birkenhead Wirral, CH41 1JW Tel: +44 (0)151 639 8666 Fax: +44 (0)151 691 2279 Email:
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The   compressed   air   plant   is   the   engine   for   lots   of   industrial   applications.   It   is   vital   that   this   part   of   the   system   is   correctly   specified   as   it   will   need   to   run   continuously   and   reliably   for   many   years.   Our typical compressor packages include: compressor, a dew‐point control refrigerant dryer, coalescing and oil mist filters and vertical air receiver complete with intelligent drain. Whilst   clean   air   is   not   necessary   for   all   compressed   air   requirements,   the   system   does   need   dry   air.   If   the   air   is   not   dry,   any   moisture   within   the   air   will   gradually   condense   out   in   the   pipe   system   and cause restriction to airflow, freezing in winter and accelerated internal corrosion/oxidation of system components. Condensation   would   also   adversely   affect   the   operation   of   pneumatic   control   equipment,   such   as   for   tank   level   controls   and   actuated   valves.   Viridian   Air   Systems   operates   nationally   and   offers   a   24   hour call out service. Regular and planned servicing can not only prolong the life of your compressor plant but will also cut down the number of breakdowns and unscheduled downtime. Viridian Air Systems uses only genuine manufacturers spare parts and service items. All our engineers are fully trained and qualified.